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Sausage Lover.jackvance

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I am middle-aged. Like Kirdy in Araminta Station, I like sausages (which I hope is the food served in Heaven, else I'm not going). I like sport. I like writing. I sometimes like my teenage children. I like my wife when she's looking but not so much when I'm not under her direct scrutiny (though it might be truer to say, our feelings for each other are variable). I'm tall and handsome, but unfortunately have no recent photos. I don't have a lot of friends - which I find quite surprising, mysterious even. No one on The Hobbit Movie News Forum has heard of Jack Vance. This saddens me. 
Favorite Music:
My own whilst strumming, ululating as I go. Beatles, Dylan, Disney Favorites, Wizard of Oz (especially Rainbow, but I do not underestimate the Scarecrow's, Tinman's or Lion's songs - nor the Wicked Witch of the East's obituary). Many things, actually. 

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